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Study Events & Conventions Management in Russia


Location and facilities

VSUES, founded in 1967, is located in the center of Vladivostok, the city with unique monuments and architecture, combining Russian and Oriental style traditions. VSUES has highly-developed infrastructure and consists of 5 educational buildings, sports center, 3 dormitories, shopping center “Golubinaya Pad’”, and car-repairing center. It is very comfortable for students, teachers and guests that all cafés, shops, barbershop, bank, and clinic are concentrated in one place.  VSUES campus is surrounded by a great variety of trees and plants forming an ecological path. It is just minutes to the city’s main street – Svetlanskaya. VSUES has very convenient dislocation in terms of city transport and infrastructure.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

There are more than 2 000 teachers and employees in VSUES, many of them have Doctor of Science degrees, some of them are Professors. In the range of grants and projects VSUES faculty members have opportunity to study abroad, where they can master educational programs and modern teaching techniques as well as advance their skills and establish new partnership ties. VSUES faculty often takes part in different international conferences and workshops and the teachers are invited to deliver lectures abroad. 

Wide range of majors for students and prospective international relations

Nowadays VSUES includes 6 institutes, 3 colleges, Center of Foreign Languages, etc. VSUES offers various educational programs for foreign students. Russian language courses are available. It includes a wide range of programs on Russian for different categories of students. VSUES cooperates with more than 40 universities and colleges of USA, China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain and New Zealand. The university has exchange programs with colleges and universities of China, Republic of Korea and Japan.

In collaboration with the Swiss Alpine Center it offers Events & Conventions Management studies, Foundation Program for Hospitality & Tourism Management, as well as English language courses.

Student's  life

VSUES is one of the universities in Russia which resembles an American students campus. It is designed to meet every individual student need. Students can find everything they need here: library, computer classes, a network of canteens cafés, and shops, clinic and diagnostic center “Lotus”equipped with the up-to-date medical devices, SPA-center (swimming pool, hydro massage, pearl baths, sauna, Turkish bath, medical showers), dancing hall and sports gyms.

International diversity of students

International students will have an opportunity to interact not only with teachers but also with Russian students. The youth from different countries can communicate with each other and share their knowledge and experience. Students from such countries as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and New Zealand study at VSUES. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Study Hotel Management in the UK

Swiss Certificate in Hotel Operations 

Warnborough College is a premier institution in Canterbury, England. It delivers unique learning experiences through study abroad, British qualifications, and English language courses. Courses are taught in Canterbury, at partner campuses around the world, or through distance learning. 

Enrolling now
Autumn:     8th September to 28th November, 2014

Warnborough College and Alpine Center (the Swiss Business School for Hospitality & Tourism Management) have forged an alliance to launch an intensive Swiss hospitality management programme in Canterbury (UK). This course is conducted through blended learning: E-Learning and on-Campus.

This intensive hotel operations certificate programme equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge for working in the hospitality industry. The programme consists of 12 weeks of courses/training AND one paid industry placement of 20 weeks.

The Swiss Certificate in Hotel Operations programme offers students opportunities for learning by doing, with hands-on experience in real hotels i.e. the respected Swiss education model. Equal emphasis is given to acquiring knowledge on the hotel operation and hotel management of different departments and to applying it in a real business environment.

Certificate students learn about hotel operations such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage production and service by working on duty teams and running the hotel campus operations under the supervision of expert instructors at the same time as attending theory classes.

In this way, students are not only taught ‘theory’, but combine theoretical and practical knowledge, followed by actual industry practice.

This intensive hotel management diploma programme equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge for working in the hospitality industry. The programme consists of 12 weeks of courses/training AND one paid industry placement of 20 weeks.

The Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management is delivered with real hotels as ‘classrooms’ – students learn by doing, i.e. the respected Swiss education model. Equal emphasis is given to acquiring knowledge of hotel operations and the management of different departments. Learning is far better when it is conducted in a real business environment.

To achieve the Diploma in Hotel Management, students must first achieve the Certificate in Hotel Operations. During the second year, students become more involved in the managerial aspects of hotel operations by undertaking supervisory responsibilities such as quality control, shift plans etc.

In this way, diploma students are taught to combine theoretical and practical knowledge with actual industry practice.

Why it’s great to live in Britain (despite the recession)
Despite the current gloomy backdrop, Britain is still one of best places in the world to live. Here are 50 reasons why it's great to live in Britain.

1. The NHS/free medical care for all
2. Equality
3. Access to education
4. The weather (no extremes)
5. Triple-A credit rating
6. Democracy
7. GDP per capita (economic output per person)
8. Food (the variety, the number of Michelin star restaurants and British classics like the Sunday Roast)
9. The Royal Family
10. The BBC
11. Pubs
12. Globally competitive universities
13. The countryside
14. Location in relation to the world
15. The High Street
16. Free press
17. The pound
18. British humour/sarcasm
19. Minimum wage
20. Infrastructure
21. Free contraception
22. Working hours
23. Security
24. Culture
25. History
26. Housing benefits/generous benefit system in general
27. Freedom of speech
28. Arts – music, film, TV
29. Climate – diverse enough to grow pretty much anything
30. Strength in technology, engineering and medical research
31. Multi-cultural – and embrace eccentrics
31. High life expectancy
33. Real ale
34. The British passport
35. Low crime rates and fear of crime
36. The English language
37. Architecture
38. Low infant mortality rates
39. Reliable and safe water, gas and electricity supply
40. Low VAT rate
41. Good roads and access to transport
42. Corner shops
43. London
44. Shakespeare
45. The state pension
46. Orderly queuing
47. Allotments
48. Politeness
49. Cups of tea
50. The premier league

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Google Starts Street View in Greece After Spat

Google launched its Street View map service in Greece on Thursday after winning approval from the country's privacy authority, which had blocked the ground-level map application five years ago.

Company officials said the service went live after "extensive and detailed" negotiations with the country's Data Protection Authority, which last year lifted objections made to the project in 2009.

Culture Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos attended a launch event in Athens and said the map service would help the crisis-hit country's vital tourism industry, describing Greece as an "endless archaeological park."

"We have so much to show off. This is a godsend," he said. "Everyone knows how difficult things are, with all the obstacles that are there when dealing with the Greek state. We are trying to overcome these difficulties."

Google was allowed to gather photos for Street View while waiting for formal approval to start the service in Greece, the 56th country where it is now available. The company also had been permitted to display cultural sites on a related service.

Company officials said the service covers about two-thirds of the area that Google plans to map in Greece, and includes most of the mainland and popular holiday islands. It currently does not include many more sparsely populated islands, for example.

Nearly 18 million tourists visited Greece last year, according to official figures, while the government and industry officials say the number on track to rise to 20 million in 2014.

In its ruling in November, the Greek privacy watchdog said Google had responded to earlier reservations — such as about whether the images of people's faces and vehicle license plates displayed on its service get blurred out, to protect their privacy.

"The DPA wanted to see that our blurring technology works — we have demonstrated that it does work in 55 other countries — and safeguard the right of Internet users to report any complaints," said Dionisis Kolokotsas, a public policy manager for Google's Greek operations.

ATHENS, Greece June 5, 2014 (AP)

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Eleven Reasons Why To Choose The Swiss Alpine Center

Congratulations on considering a Career in the International Hospitality Industry!

Eleven Reasons Why To Choose The Swiss Alpine Center

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