Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Testimonial *Elena Sergeeva > Passion for Greece, Passion for Tourism!

Elena Sergeeva

Founder of Passion for Greece  www.passionforgreece.com
Co-Founder of Blog Smart Agency www.blogsmartagency.com


From hospitality to entrepreneurship

A degree in hospitality management was something that I dreamed of from the age of 15. I was always fascinated by the idea of working in a hotel environment as it did not seem boring, which I found out later on in my professional career, that there was never a dull moment indeed. 

I have actually graduated from Alpine Centre twice, first as a 20 year old with a great ambition of climbing the career ladder which I set out to accomplish right after completing my Swiss Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management. What Alpine had taught me back then was that “the sky is the limit” and although I was very shy during my teens, Alpine taught me to have confidence and to believe in myself. For me that was the most valuable life lesson. Second time around as a student came after my 5 year experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in the Sales and Marketing departments of top Greek hotel chains.

I returned to Alpine as a mature student to complete my Masters in International Hospitality and Tourism Leadership on a part time basis. This work and study balance was a great decision as I was mature enough to know exactly what I wanted and how I could apply the newly gained knowledge and experience in order to reach new levels that I had set to achieve. A few years after completing my Master’s degree I was ready to tackle new challenges, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur was very tempting, thus I followed this road and I can say that until today, by far it was the best decision I have ever made.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dr. Jean Suvatjis and 'The Future of Branding'

Alpine Center, Hospitality and Tourism Management Department of City Unity and City Unity College, are proud to work with Dr. Jean Suvatjis, a remarkable professor and researcher of the international academic community.

Dr. Jean Suvatjis, Academic Dean of International programmes at Alpine Center and Academic Director of Tourism & Hospitality Department at City Unity, stands in a team of eminent professors who shape the evolution and development of Brand Marketing.

The new book entitled «The Future of Branding» was issued by Sage Publications and edited by the professors Rajendra K Srivastava and Greg Metz Thomas. The book brings the latest thinking on brand management with contributions by the leading minds in Branding. It examines the future of branding on key concepts including brand performance management, brand strategy, brand building, revitalizing brands, brand valuation, brand analysis, brand protection, and brand experience. With contributions by Jean-Noel Kapferer, Kevin Keller, Don Schultz, Bernd Schmitt, V. Kumar (to name a few), the book is designated to become a classic in branding literature.

Dr. Jean Suvatjis was chosen to present part of his research work and his views on the subject of Branding.

Alpine Center and City Unity College congratulate Dr Suvatjis for his success and are proud to have him in the academic body.