Friday, August 4, 2017

Alpine Story - Yekaterina Ilyachshenko - BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management



Yekaterina Ilyachshenko, Kazakhstan

BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2019

My name is Yekaterina Ilyachshenko. I came to Greece from Kazakhstan because I heard that Alpine Center, the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department of City Unity College not only offered the best Swiss and British education in hospitality management but also because they offer us internship and career opportunities in leading hotels.

Our campus is a hotel where students live and at the same time have applied hotel operations as one of the modules, first year acting as a team member and second year as a supervisor. This prepared us so much for our internships. We built confidence and earned many skills. I had the opportunity to apply my skills at 5 star beautiful hotels in Crete which is one of the most interesting Greek islands. This whetted my appetite to continue my studies and earn a Bachelor’s degree because I want to progress to a managerial position.

Studying at the Bachelor’s level was more demanding as British education requires considerable research and reading. The modules were very useful especially the Sales, Marketing, Advertising & PR Module, Tourism Planning & Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning where we had to produce a business plan and present it.

After all this, I feel confident I can open my own business one day. Our Academic Dean was very helpful, so were each and every faculty and staff member.

I have now completed the Dissertation for my Bachelor’s degree (honors) International Hospitality & Tourism Management franchised from Cardiff Metropolitan University UK and feel ready to embark on my exciting career.

As a first year student, mastering Food & Beverage Operations and Service!


Decorating the school’s Christmas Tree

In her final year, volunteering as a hostess in the Career Day!

Friendships made at College are priceless and forever!

Presenting her Business Plan as part of the Entrepreneurship module


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